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The Passion Behind Cantavita®
How a Midwest real estate developer became the driving force behind the Ultra Antioxidant.

Derived from a decades-old formula, Cantavita represents over six years of dedicated science and research. The catalyst of this research however, was not the result of a laboratory revelation, but rather the passion and conviction of Mary Kiriluk, the mother of real estate developer and Cantavita co-founder Alan Kiriluk.

Mary Kiriluk

A tuberculosis and two-time cancer survivor, Mary Kiriluk was a passionate advocate of holistic and alternative medicines. In particular, she was part of a group known as the HOPE Foundation, a rather extensive following of individuals all of whom shared an unrivaled loyalty to Cantron, a liquid bio-nutritional therapeutic supplement. HOPE Foundation groups met regularly across the country, and all shared remarkable testimonials as to how the product had changed their lives.

Intrigued by the stories shared by his mother, Alan decided to attend a HOPE meeting and hear these testimonials first-hand. Upon hearing these remarkable anecdotes, Alan decided to pursue a scientific analysis of Cantron, to understand what was responible for such profound results. Alan commissioned a group of research scientists to break down the formula to see what they could find.

Sure enough, the scientists discovered some rather unique qualities behind the electrolyte and antioxidant formula. Alan was encouraged to begin exploring how the liquid supplement could be strengthened and altered into a more convenient and pleasant-tasting dietary supplement.

With the scientists at his side, Alan partnered with Cantron manufacturer Medical Research Products, and formed Orion Therapeutics, LLC. Their collective vision was to take the poor-tasting, six dose per day dietary supplement, and create the twice daily time-released ultra antioxidant super pill, Cantavita.

The team embarked upon a six year journey of extensive scientific research, engineering, and testing, prefecting the manufacturing process to offer a convenient twelve-hour time released tablet.

Mary Kiriluk, to whom Cantavita's success is due, lived to the wonderful age of 94.

Now you can experience the results of these efforts with Cantavita’s high potency anti-oxidant tablets that release the free radical quenching activity into the blood stream over 12 hours.  Cantavita is effective against the five major free radicals that are the cause of many diseases.

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*Cantron is a liquid formulation that contains a blend of organic bioflavonoid compounds developed in the early 1980’s as an advanced version of the Entelev formula created by James Vincent Sheridan a chemist that worked with the Michigan Cancer Center and the Detroit Institute of Cancer Research.

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