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Alternative Therapies

Entelev®, Cancell®, Protocel® and Cantron® are popular alternative cancer therapies that have been taken by patients often in their terminal phase when no other therapies are offered by their physician.

In the late 1930’s, Jim Sheridan, a chemist working at the Dow Chemical Company, developed the first product Entelev®. He later continued developing and testing the formula while working at the Detroit Institute of Cancer Research (which became the Michigan Cancer Foundation), and at Batelle in Ohio during the 1950’s. From the late 1970’s through the mid 1990’s, the formula was produced under Mr. Sheridan’s control as Cancell®.

During his career, he provided it free of charge to a multitude of terminally ill cancer patients with a great number of anecdotal positive outcomes and cures being reported.

These formulas, as well as an additional one manufactured in 2000, termed Protocel®, are all available through internet sales. Further, an Entelev® surrogate called Cantron®, has been manufactured and marketed by Medical Research Products (MRP) in Miami, Florida since 1984. It is described as an antioxidant and electrolyte formula and is sold as a dietary supplement.

The manufacturers of all of these products offer them as dietary supplements and make no specific health claims.

Supporters of Cantron® claim that it is able to treat any number of medical conditions from emphysema, arthritis, lupus and mental illness to AIDS and cancer. It was originally designed by Jim Sheridan, as noted previously, as an anticancer agent and has been used by cancer patients since the 1970’s; there is an abundance of anecdotal and testimonial data concerning its cancer efficacy.

The ingredients of Cantron®, as written on the product label, are copper, sodium, potassium, sulfur, trace amounts of inositol, distilled water and a “proprietary blend”. The label also states that hydroxyquinones and cyclopentenes are present in the product. The FDA examined this product and determined that Cantron® contains nitric acid, sodium sulfite, potassium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, inositol and catechol. Other reported ingredients in Cantron® are rhodizonic acid (RA), croconic acid (CA), tetrahydroxyquinone (THQ), leuconic acid, and triquinoyl.

Orion Therapeutics, Inc. carried out some laboratory studies on the anticancer (IC50 values) and antioxidant (ORAC values) of the Cantron liquid and its individual ingredients. These in vitro tests concluded that activity for both properties was demonstrated. No human clinical trials have been carried out.

One of the limitations to good compliance to the recommended dosing of all of these liquid products mentioned earlier was the taste, with users describing it from metallic to horrible. The liquid formulations also stained everything from clothing to teeth. It was also suggested that a way around the problem was to take it rectally with an eye-dropper.

Orion was able to provide a more appealing solution by doing a scientific analysis of all the ingredients in Cantron®, defined the active ingredients, and has reformulated them with additional antioxidant material into an enhanced time release product. Now only 2 tablets are required per day, at 12-hour intervals, to obtain even better protection than what all the older products provided. This product is marketed as CANTAVITA® and available at

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